"A" is for Attention

On this episode of Made For This we are going to continue a four-part series to answer the question,

“Am I doing what I’m MADE for?”

We will be looking at the second of four crucial questions to ask yourself, which conveniently create the acronym, MADE. Today, “What are you paying attention to?”

Let’s have a conversation about attention.. 

Your attention is something you should treasure.

Really, we’re continuing a conversation that will take place over 4 episodes of the podcast over these couple of months, it’s a conversation that I believe will bring great value to on your journey, and it begins by asking the question, “Am I doing what I’m made for?”

Today, we’ll explore that big topic by answering the question:

What are you paying attention to? 

If attention is a non-renewable commodity you possess, you should treasure it.

But you pay your attention to so many different things in your life.

Maybe it’s time to confront yourself and consider if you are really okay with how much attention you’re paying.

We will talk about what ‘paying' attention really means. We will work through an attention-budget exercise, and we’ll focus on what matters most.

Be intentional about paying attention.

Alex StreetComment