Luis is Made for Play (p1)

Luis Serrano is in the business of fun! No really, he is the Chief Fun Officer for Fundamentals of Play and he’s got a to to teach us about finding joy in all things. 

Luis Serrano started a company not too long ago centered around the ideas of positive psychology and embracing our ability to play - in our lives and workplaces, and well, really everywhere. He did the typical path to career success and found that even though there may be a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, it comes at a cost we shouldn’t be willing to make.

In our conversation today Luis takes us into the purpose behind his business, and more importantly how it was discovered through his own journey. He is wide open with me, diving into some of the most vulnerable parts of his story so I can fully understand what failing joyfully looks like. 


Get ready for an inspiration bomb, my friends. 

Luis is so delightfully authentic in his storytelling and humility as he shares any wisdom he’s discovered along the way. There’s a lot to this conversation if you’re stuck in a rut, you’ve let go of some of your passions, or you’re starting out building a business. You’re gonna love it. 

Once again, we have this conversation split into two parts. So Luis and I chat here for a while, then we’ll take a break and invite you into the conversation again later this week.  

I love how Luis demonstrates a healthy self-awareness, to look back at his own story and critically embrace the ups and downs that led him to where he is now. We can learn a lot from this attitude and in this episode specifically we can learn a lot about:

- Play elevating learning to a whole new stratosphere.

- Positive Psychology is like taking a car and turning it into a racecar 

- Following your curiosities

Episode Highlights:

“I’m way more introverted, and people are surprised when they find out I made a business based on play”  11 mins

“This is the science of thriving or leading a fulfilling life.” 13 mins

“Its using all my passions and skills that I had but were probably laying dormant for most of my life.” 17 mins

“Everything I had put my value into, or my self-worth, I quickly lost.” 19 mins

“The main things that helped me became the inspiration for what I do now.” 21 mins

“I started following my curiosities.” 24 mins

“You might just be living as who you think you should be.” 26 mins


Instagram: @fundamentals_of_play


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