"M" is for Movement

On this episode of Made For This we are going to begin to answer the question,

“Am I doing what I’m Made For?”

We start by looking at the first of four crucial questions to ask yourself, which conveniently create the acronym, MADE. Today, “Is there Movement in your life?”

Let’s have a conversation about movement. 

Really, we’re starting a conversation that will take place over 4 episodes of the podcast in the coming few months, it’s a conversation that I believe will bring great value to on your journey, and it begins by asking the question, “Am I doing what I’m made for?”

Is there movement in your life? 

The answer is simple. It’s yes or no. 

You will answer NO to that question if, you feel stuck. 

You will answer YES, if it feels like each day is new.

(For some more signs on what it looks like to have movement or not in your life, listen in to the episode)

Whether you are living a life with movement or you feel stuck, this episode brings with it some tactical ideas to make sure today move things forward.

Movement is a major difference-maker that merely requires saying yes to the right things and no to the wrong things

Alex StreetComment