How To: Crush Your Inner Critic (part 2)

Today I’ve got the conclusion of my conversation with Stephanie Rourke Jackson from Beacon Coaching about the voice in your head that keeps holding you back - your inner critic.

What can you do to silence the critic in your life? 

Now that we have identified the voice of the inner critic in our lives, it’s time to get to work to create habits in your life that will silence that critic so you can finally move forward with your dreams. 

Stephanie addresses the reality of fear in your life and gives us practical tools to face fear and begin to quiet the critic highlighting that fear again and again. 

With her 5-Stone approach you will be equipped to move past the barrier in front of you and do what you’re made for.

Stephanie helps us identify and silence your inner critic.


You know, that voice that speaks up just when something exciting or new is about to happen in your life? Just when you’re going to take a step, quit the job, start the job, ask her out, go back to the gym, or hit record - the inner critic loves to speak up at these moments reminding you that you’re not good enough, smart enough, good looking, strong, or creative enough to do this thing.

I believe if you put these tactics into motion, you will advance miles ahead in your journey quicker than you ever imagined. You will see joy, satisfaction, and meaning show up in the most surprising ways once the critic is crushed. 

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Stephanie has given us a worksheet to use alongside these episodes, so you can do the work you need to do on your way to crushing your inner critic. 

Click below to download the worksheet. 

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