Evan is Made for Barbering

Evan is building a business by creating a safe place for people at Burrow Barbering Co. He wants to be a powerful person, who gives purpose to the job, not getting purpose from his job. This episode is full of good one liners you’re gonna want to write down.

Evan McGilvray

Today, I have a great opportunity to host a conversation with a good friend of mine, someone I’ve known for a long time and have been able to watch go through a long journey of discovery to the point he’s at now. I’ll be in the barber’s chair today, talking with Evan McGilvray, owner and operator of Burrow Barbering Co in Stouffville, Ontario. 

“A healthy business comes from healthy people.”

Evan is cutting hair, yes, with all the skills and talent you can imagine are necessary to go with that. But Burrow Barbering Co is about so much more than just getting a trim - for Evan, this business is about creating confidence, encouraging authenticity, and creating a safe place for anyone making an appointment. 

“Our dreams are not our own, they’re meant to be shared.”

This is a good conversation to listen to if you’ve ever wondered what’s really going through the head of the person cutting your hair - to be real practical about it - or if you’ve got a few different dreams and you’re wondering how they could possibly turn into something real in this life - or if you are wanting to start a small business and quite frankly you’re afraid to begin. Evan bares it all here for an honest and inspiring interview.  

Highlights from the conversation:

“The more I’m viewing it as an art, the more people are leaving confident in their haircut.” - 6 mins

 “People chose to take a risk with me” - 12 mins

“There’s a sacrifice that needs to happen, pursuing your dreams.” - 14 mins

“It’s about creating a safe place, that’s why I’m doing what i’m doing.” - 18 mins  

“I want to be a powerful person who gives purpose to the job, and the job doesn’t give me purpose.” - 25 mins

*I ask Evan some questions while getting my hair cut* - 32 mins

“The challenge is to dream big and go after the next big thing but also be fully present with the dream I have now.” - 37 mins

“My future is only gonna be a bright as my present is now.” - 41 mins 

“There isn’t failure when going after your dreams and passions, it’s just part of your story now.” - 49 mins

“Who I’m becoming is more important than what I’m doing.” - 54 mins

Fing Burrow Barbering Co here:

Instagram: @burrowbarberingco

Facebook: @gilvthebarber

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