Andrea is Made to Be Courageous

Andrea Crisp is taking courageous steps every day toward her goals. She is the host of the CourageCast and empowers women through life coaching and mastermind groups. Let this be the spark you need to be a little more courageous today. 

Is there anyone that could use a little bit more courage in their life? (hands up!)

Andrea is living a courageous life, trying to put all the pieces together and do what she’s made for in this world. As the host of the CourageCast - a podcast you should download and subscribe to immediately - and a life coach empowering women to live courageously, she has put all she is learning to the test. 

if you are looking for a spark to ignite your courage today, listen in. If you are wondering what it’s like to host a podcast or want to start one up, listen in. If you want some honest conversation between two people learning from each other, listen in. 

This conversation is all about Andrea and her work in this world, but there is a great insight here into a conversation between like-minded people, in the same field of work, lifting each other up. 

“Don’t do it for the glamour of what you think is gonna be on the other side of it, do it because you have something to say to the world.”

If nothing else, listen in for a little encouragement to go and find someone and have more conversations like this one. I’m thankful for Andrea’s honesty and abundant mindset to be willing to share her wisdom and experience with me. I’m certain you will be blessed by her passion for people and drive to do what she’s made for.  


“I’m a perfectionist in recovery” - 15 mins

“My inner critic was so negative about what I couldn’t do, that I really wasn’t hearing what I could do.” 16 mins

“There is no better encouragement than to hear when other people succeed.” - 20 mins

“What I’m doing is setting other people on the path for what they’re gonna do.” - 21 mins

“The reality is, the hundred people you know are not listening to your podcast.” - 40 mins

“Don’t listen to the criticism or look for the affirmation.” 41 mins

“If you feel it’s something you’re supposed to do, you have to do it for yourself, fully driven by you.” 41 mins

“You can be derailed by one critical comment.” 41 mins

“Whatever it is you have in you to do, take steps towards doing it everyday.” 44mins

“My biggest help has been surrounding myself with the right people.” 46 mins 

Find Andrea here

Instagram: @misscrispy


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