Jordan is Made for Conversation

Jordan Berta is the founder of the Unspoken Conversation podcast and ministry, bringing conversation of mental health into the light.  Inspired by his own journey through unhealthy anxiety, Jordan is doing what he’s made for. 

You know someone struggling with their mental health. Or you find yourself struggling to get your mind in a consistently healthy state.

This much is true. The question is, are you in conversation with anyone about it? 

Jordan Berta, host of The Unspoken Conversation podcast, believes we need to be talking about Mental Health as much as we talk about Physical Health, and instead of waiting for someone else to start the conversation he got to work and created it. His main work in this world is giving a safe place and platform for voices to be heard that would otherwise stay silent. 

“I’ve decided I’m just gonna be the one to bring it up."

This episode is as much about opening up space for conversations about Mental Health as it is about Jordan discovering and doing what he’s made for as he explores his own journey through dangerously unhealthy anxiety. 

I can’t think of a better way to start off 2019 than with a mental health check. Take this as your invitation, or kick in the butt, or shove out the door, (if that's what you need) to talk to someone.

Jordan said, “nobody wants to be the first one to talk about it”, and thankfully you don’t have to be anymore. Jordan has opened the door and started a conversation that too often goes unspoken.

You don’t need to live in despair.

You don’t have to feel anxious all the time. 

You don’t need to live in fear.

It might feel hopeless and helpless but there is good news, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Tomorrow can be different than today. 

So talk. 

You are not alone, and you are important to us. We need what you have. 

Jordan Berta

Highlights from the episode:

“My goal in life was always to be a communicator and a leader” - 12 mins
“It just took me saying something for them to say it as well.” - 17 mins

“What I thought would be a side project for 6 months has turned into my primary work for the last 3 years.” - 19 mins

“I can’t seem to hear these stories without caring deeply about them.” 23 mins

“I’m not talking at the audience, I’m trying to curate a conversation for the audience.” 25 mins

“The primary part of my week is something of my own creation.” 28 mins

“The way I’ve done this has not been the traditional business model.” 35 mins

“There is infinitely more inside than we’re ever going to be able to mine through.” 42 mins

“If you ask the question you give them permission to give a real answer.” 44 mins

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