How To: Discover Your Skills

Your skills set you apart

What have you learned along this journey?

We need you to focus on your unique skill set, the practical actions you have developed in your life. 

The question is, do you know what your skills are?

Today on the Made For This podcast we’re going to talk about discovering your skills.  

We all wonder what sets us apart; what makes you different from the person next to you trying out for the same job, or raising a similar family, or living in the same neighbourhood, graduating from the same program?  Your unique set of skills you have learned through your life will surely get you closer to separating yourself from the crowd and doing what you are distinctly made to do. 

Let’s start doing the work to discover your skills.

Highlights from the episode:

This second part in the discovery series has three main chapters to it:

- The discovery process, comparison, and what makes you unique

- Skills Inventory, start here for a spark to get the conversation moving - download the worksheet. 

- Personal coaching technique to discover your skills


In this episode I talk about how helpful a skills inventory can be to begin the process, for a free and beautiful worksheet to help you determine your top skills, download the worksheet below.  

Click the image to download the free worksheet

Click the image to download the free worksheet

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