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Adam Duckworth is the CEO and Founder of Travelmation, a travel agency specializing in Disney destinations since 2011. He began this business on the couch with his laptop and it has now grown to a team of over 240 agents, with the goal of 500 in the near future and becoming the largest Disney travel agency in the US. Not too shabby. 

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Many of us want to have a thriving business like TravelMation, but where do you begin? 

How do you start something like that? Where does that drive come from? How do you learn to manage a team that large? 

“The only sense of loyalty and commitment you need to have is to yourself and your family and what you want to pursue.”

Adam brings us into his journey of discovery over 18 years in the local church world, as he learned all he needed to do what he’s doing now.  

This episode is chock-full of goodness if you are either thinking of starting a business, you are transitioning from one career to another, you are in the middle of a startup, you are leading a team, or you are looking for a new opportunity to be a part of a thriving organization. Adam brings it all for you so you will get great value out of this and be inspired to action. 

Everything he says in this part is transferable to my life right now, and more than that, Adam has given you a real gift because the feelings and frustrations and doubts he describes are transferable to all of us moving from one thing to another, whether its ministry work or your first job or something you’ve been in for 20 years, or a relationship change you’re making…Adam says, you’re commitment is not to that organization but to your family, your self, and what you want to pursue.

Episode Highlights:

“I was just a guy on a couch with a laptop.” 7:00 mins

“I looked around at what was bringing me the most joy…and that was this organization.” 11:00

“The only sense of loyalty and commitment you need to have is to yourself and your family and what you want to pursue.” 12:00

“The best marketing is something you believe in. It’s not marketing, it’s not sales when you actually believe it.” 17:00

“We’re going to be the largest Disney Travel organization in the US, it’s gonna happen.” 23:00

“This was not something that we sat around and planned, this happened organically.” 31:00

“You have to strongly, continually do self-evaluation for your own style of leadership.”36:00 

“This type of model only works with people you trust.” 38:00

“I knew I wanted to create an organization based on trust.” 40:00

“Make it something you’re passionate about, it may take you some time to build but go after it.” 45:00

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