Cathryn is Made to Nurture

Cathryn Boadway is a great storyteller, a mom of three young girls, a loving wife, a child and youth worker, she is type 1 diabetic, and over the past two years has been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia - and if you’re wondering what that is, you’re not alone. Thankfully she is going to bring us into her journey and help us understand what life is like living with TN. 


Like so many moms she has more wisdom to share and lessons learned than she gives herself credit for, and I’m so thankful that she was willing to speak so candidly with me about her family, her dreams, and her health.  

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a child and youth worker, or are dealing with deep emotions of pain and grief in your world right now, you’re going to love Cathryn’s candid storytelling and invitation into the life of her family.  

Cathryn brings us through her journey of growing in empathy for others since she was in grade 1 living in Africa, to discovering the work she wants to bring to this world, to becoming a mom and adjusting life with all the challenges of work, home, and chronic illnesses.   

Episode Highlights

“There’s something so neat about coming alongside someone who’s in such a hard time.” 20:00 mins 

“I was born with this overdeveloped sense of empathy.” 29:00 

“I’m never without pain, it’s like having a migraine constantly.” 35:00

“This condition has stolen a lot from me…I can’t let go being a child and youth worker.” 39:00 

“I’ve gotta find someway to get back to who I am.” 41:00

“It’s so ok, it’s just fine, to be grieving.” 48:00  

“Even if it doesn’t work and there’s no change, it is right to try it.” 54:00

“In life, you can’t do it alone.”  

Are you intentionally moving towards what you know you should do in this world?

Are you connected with a close community of people?

Are you listening well to the needs of others?

All these questions and more will surely come to mind as you listen in on this conversation about Cathryn discovering and doing what she’s made for. 

Back in episode 41, I talked about 3 tactics to help you live your dream.

You can download this handy worksheet to walk through the process on your own.  

Click the image to download the free worksheet

Click the image to download the free worksheet

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Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing.

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