How To: Discover Your Strengths

Today on this solo episode, I talk about one of three key discoveries to help you do what you’re made for; it’s time to discover your strengths.


start with your strengths 

The path of discovering what you’re made for begins with your strengths. 

The question is, do you know what your strengths are? 

Today on the Made For This podcast we’re going to talk about discovering your strengths.  

One of the main questions I get asked in coaching is, “What do you think my strengths are?” If you are wondering this too - you’re excited to do what you’re made for but you don’t even know what areas your strongest in - this is going to be a great episode for you to dive into.  

I talk about my experience with four different personality assessments:



The Enneagram & “Road Back To You”


Check them out, prioritize self-discovery, start with your strengths.

This second part in the discovery series has three main chapters to it: 

1- intro to discovering your strengths, skills, and passions 

2- helpful tools to discover your strengths and become more self-aware 

3- personal coaching technique to discover your strength 

Back in episode 41, I talked about 3 tactics to help you live your dream.

You can download this handy worksheet to walk through the process on your own.  

Click the image to download the free worksheet

Click the image to download the free worksheet

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