Daryl is Made for Board Games

Daryl Andrews is a Board Game designer and President & Co-Founder of Maple Games, he is just trying to follow the fun!


Maple Games is a company not even a year old yet, but with big dreams going forward.


Daryl made a shift a few years back to fully pursue his passions of Board Game design and finding ways to bring people together for a little bit of fun in this crazy world.  

Board Games bring people together - from the design phase to play testing to putting it out on the table Friday night with friends. And Daryl is a champion for this cause - getting people together for a little more fun.  

“Games give us glimpses and opportunities to explore new worlds and new ideas”

Have you ever wondered how a board game gets to the shelf?

Where do all these obscure ideas come from and who turns them into the games we know and love to play with our families and friends?  

Daryl brings us into his story of discovering what he’s made for, shifting from Youth Ministry to pitching Board Game designs to starting his own Board Game Publishing company. More than that, Daryl also brings behind-the-scenes of what a Game goes through to get made and the vital importance of play testing your ideas.  

“The best way you can learn is to surround yourself with people that are gracious but greater than you at the field you want to be in.”

Here’s some highlights from the conversation:

15:00mins - “Games give us glimpses and opportunities to explore new worlds and new ideas”

21:00 “Honesty is essential for any creative venture to get better”

23:00 “If you don’t have a clear idea of what you want someone to experience, nothing else matters.”

32:00 “I get to be part of making other peoples’ dreams come true”

40:00 We talk about the importance of ‘Play Testing’ your ideas

43:00 “They’re giving you a gift, even if its a criticism”

“Follow the Fun” - Daryl Andrews

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