This is your tribe.

Usually when I'm talking about "What's in Your Hand" I'm referring to your gift, the thing YOU are made to do.  You, be you.  Pick up Your Staff. Learn what you're main thing is and do it, because the world needs it. 

Only today, it's about your family, it's not about you.

Your family has been put in your life (and you in their lives), these are the people you are made to be with, to love, to be wedgied by (older brother, anyone?), to laugh with, to connect with, and to share holidays with, and to trust above all others.  

You have specific people in front of you, you didn't choose them but they are yours now to be connected to for life.  

This is who's in your hand.  

This is who you have.  

This is your tribe.

What are you going to do with these people and these relationships to cause change in your world today?