What Are You Trying Out Today?

Cool Guy Alex

This is my headshot when I was 18 -->

It was my dream to be an actor. Hence, my second email address: "actoralexander@hotmail"

(my first email was "sgt_coolguy@yahoo", but I trust you not to judge, neither the 'coolguy' nor the Yahoo usage)

I wonder, what was your big idea when you were leaving high school? What was the path going to look like? How far away from that path are you today? 

I left high school, moved to downtown Toronto and handed this beauty photo out to agency after agency, begging for a chance to audition for something. 

Today, 16 years later, I had my first audition!!  (you kind of have to laugh at that). 

See, there were opportunities back then. I had some extras gigs, performed on stage for a few weeks - alongside my momma and stepdad, which was a highlight of my life, btw - and had a role in an indie feature film. Check IMDB, it's for real. 

Then, the next step changed.

It wasn't about stepping into the next Agency hoping for representation, but it was about stepping into Youth Work and Pastoral Ministry. Who knew!? 

Who knew that I had such compassion for the underestimated? The tweens, teens, and young adults, looking for a place to belong and do what they're made for? 

Who knew I would be able to use the acting skills I had worked on to help in my weekly opportunities to speak with these groups from the stage? 

Who knew that public speaking would become such a love of mine through that process? 

Who knew that I still cared enough about acting at 34 years old to say 'yes' to agent representation?


Not me, you, my wife, nobody. Goodness, I'd venture to say even God has a bucket of popcorn while watching this one play out, wondering how it's gonna end! 

Today, though, I get to tell a new story.

We are swinging back around to that bit in chapter 4, dipping my toe back into the acting pool because its still what I'm made for. Or at the very least, I have to know if I can do this. I'm certain I won't become famous, rich, or win awards from acting. But I'm trying it out and that is the victory in this part of the journey. 

So, what are you trying out today? Is there some idea you've been sitting on for a while (even almost two decades!) but haven't stepped into yet? Just try it out. Try it out with the expectation you will fail - or better yet, with the understanding that merely trying is the measure of success. 

The audition was weird. It was exactly what you think an audition for a commercial would be like. I had two lines, I had to repeat them 30 times in different ways, there were 4 other guys dressed just like me in the waiting room, there were people singing in one room, yelling in another. I don't know what's next on this journey, but I'm stepping down this path to find out. 

Go ahead, try it.