Too Creative?

When an object lesson doesn't land like you thought it would, who's at fault?  

After speaking at a big event a few years ago I was told that I may have been "too creative this time."  

(Now - before this sounds like me with a bullhorn defending my case, I can see that I didn't practice with the 'objects' well enough before delivering all the talks and that I could have made a clearer connection between the concrete and the abstract.)  

I'm wondering about being "TOO CREATIVE"

I want to speak to all those that may ever be speaking to a crowd at any point in their lives about anything worth listening too…
(which basically means, do something new, and even something other than just speaking)

Our youth spend all day in class being talked to, they spend their spare time sharing words with each other - face to face, or phone to phone.  We cannot expect them to tune into our talks about how much God loves them and pursues them and desires a relationship with them (No matter HOW GREAT this message is) without something to engage their minds beyond just words. 

If all they remember is the painting, or the box you built, or the watermelon you smashed, or the rock they were holding, or the tattoo you gave each of them (ok, that's too far), then that is a WIN!

That, in a few years, will link their memory back to the place that thing happened and there will be something at work there through the Holy Spirit that links it all to the overwhelming and life-changing love of God.  I spend time coming up with something beyond my words, because frankly, my words will never be enough.  
Therefore, I will continue to risk being too creative.

What are some creative ways you've taught a lesson lately?