To Day,

Dear Day, 

It's nice to see you again. I mean, I guess we've never met before but I feel like I know you, after all, 
I did spend a while with one just like you before I went to sleep. 
Yet, you are new to me and I don't know exactly what you are going to bring.

Will you bring productivity?  Joy?  Surprise?  Despair? 

 If I had a choice, I know which of these I would not want to see from you. But I'm not in control of that.

Or am I? 

You see, Day, you are no different than any other person I will come across - your actions should not dictate how I respond.  My reaction to any given situation should be based deeply and solely on how I know the Spirit of God, something bigger than even you, is working through you to shape and direct me until I meet the next (Day). 

You want to make your mark in my life, you want to stand out and be remembered, you want to make a difference...

...I want to sleep. 

It's not your fault if I get to bed tonight and say to myself (my Twitter feed), "This day was the worst."  

But, the truth is, it's so much easier to blame you, than to recognize that I have any control over how I respond to your actions.

So, Day, I will not allow you to happen to me.  I will not assume the negative behind your actions.  I will assume hope until I meet Morrow, at which point I will say, "To Day…"