Then it Happened...

Every great story has a turning point, a pivot, an awakening in the mind of the hero. Something happens to you or you make something happen that potentially changes everything. Jon Acuff referred to this as the 'hinge moment' in his (highly recommended) book Quitter. I wonder what the most recent turning point has been in your life?

The most adventurous moments in life when we face a decision that could change everything.

I recently began reading a series of books to my kids called Then It Happened. They are full of short stories, each with a pivotal moment when 'it' happens and things really get interesting. Like when the branch began to crack under his weight while fishing above a rushing river.

These moments happen to us - caused by something else. 

Or they happen with us - caused by our own initiative.

Either way, they are not to be resisted but embraced and sought after. 

Today you have the ability to change your life or the life of another. What a beautiful, scary, and empowering truth that is.


Have you thought of your most recent turning point?

Was it sparked by another person? Did you receive some exceptionally good or bad news? Did you make an intentional decision to act on something? 

Maybe you feel stuck in your own journey and the thought of a turning point decision is exciting but you don't know where to begin. I want to encourage you today to help create a life-changing moment in someone else's story. Imagine someone else telling their story, saying, "then it happened...(You) came along".