The Comparison Trap

More than personal doubt or fear of failure, the thing that can hold you back from using what's in your hand for the good of those around you is. falling into the trap of comparison.  

I'm so very good at comparing myself to others.  

AKA criticizing others. 

AKA wishing I was something else.  

AKA being completely useless in my own skin. 

If you're spending your time comparing your stuff to others' stuff it means you're not spending your time creating new stuff.  

If you spend more time creating you're going to have a lot less time for comparing. 

This last week I have created less than I have in a long time, and you know what I've done a lot more of?  Scrolling. 

When I find myself scrolling Twitter until I'm at the end of my feed, or 'catching up' on Instagram 3-4 times a day, or actually moving the page again and again and again on my Facebook Home Feed…I know I'm stuck. Thinking:

"Their family goes on better vacations than mine does." 

"This fort-building-guy is a way better dad than I am!"

"That Youth Group is SO much cooler than ours!"

Maybe you're stuck in this trap.  Its a trap that we can say is 'being relational'.  It's a trap that we may even call 'looking for inspiration'.  In reality, scrolling is sucking inspiration out of your bones.

If you are able to take time to understand what is in your hand, then you won't need to be concerned with what others are doing - that's what's in their hand - and you should (if anything) be cheering them on radically for following their calling.

- Who do you find you compare yourself to most?

- Does comparison inspire you or paralyze you?