Today is a great day for something new!

Today is a great day for something new!

We are built for routine and rhythm.

Each day we are at the mercy of the rhythm of the day - sunrise, sunset.

Each breath you take is part of the rhythm of your life - inhale, exhale.

Rhythm, and routine - action, rest. Some of us build such a routine into our lives there is no room for something new. In fact, we freak out when something new is added to the routine, like a line of ants marching to the hill we move around the 'thing' and keep the line going. 

Maybe that disruption in your life is there so you can discover something new today. 

On the other hand, some of us have very little routine and struggle to find rhythm. We are out of sorts and keep looking for something to spark a fire within.

For us, it's a good time to do start things we keep talking about doing 'some day'; this could be anything from reading a book, to traveling the world, to visiting your grandma. 

Doing something new often begins with an old idea.

Today, you can force inspiration and creativity to ignite in your life by doing something fresh and new.

Take a different route home.

Turn your phone off once you get home.

Cook dinner from a recipe book.

Go for a walk at lunchtime.

Turn the radio off in the car.

Turn the radio on in the car.

Wake up 10 minutes earlier tomorrow.

God is still creating, he is making all things new, and you are invited into that process! 

Do something new, invite the disruption, let's see what happens. 

What's your new thing?
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