Share What You Have

I was sitting across the table from a teenager not long ago, let's call him 'Jake'. He was telling me about his life recently and the fact that he is consistently prioritizing people over schoolwork. He said he enjoyed listening to people's stories and helping them in whatever way he could.

It was a pleasant surprise to Jake that some people were coming to him to ask for advice after hearing more about his life and some things he was going through in the moment. He said to me,

"Because I shared with them, they wanted to share something with me."

And isn't that what moves us into a better future?

I believe it will be helpful for us to see value not so much in 'giving' but rather in 'sharing' what we have. Sharing builds connections, it creates a bond, and it's what we're taught to do since we were toddlers. Sharing just might be the answer to mend the brokenness in this world. 

So, share what you have, because it might just be the thing we need.