God Loves you...like, seriously...YOU.

God loves you.

Most of us can and do accept this thought, but it's often taught as a 'despite who you are' kind of love. Like, yeah, you're a screw up, but God's cool like that, he still wants to be your friend.  It's those movies where the cool kid helps the nerdy kid become cool, but then the cool kid realizes the nerd actually has something to contribute to society. God's the cool kid.

I don't start there. I don't think God wants us to start there. 

I think he's nuts about us. After all, he loved us first. 

Throughout the story all that we see is a continual emergence of God within the worst moments of our lives. War, famine, slavery, idolatry, abandonment, abuse, greed, gluttony, and the presidential campaign of 2016...believe it or not, God is still with us. 

I'm beginning to understand that God doesn't love me despite who I am, he loves me because of who I am!

He sees something deep within me that I may forever be on a journey of also trying to see; but that part of me is where God begins his journey of love.  He isn't trying to fix a broken mess that he found on the ground. "Oh, no! What happened here? Well, I'm glad he asked to be fixed because only I can do that."

He's nurturing a growing flower that is about to push it's way out of the dirt. "Come on, come on now, you can do it.  Come and see the light, see the world as it truly is.  Come out of the darkness and see the light. Share your beauty and fragrance with the world around you." 

He doesn't see something that once was good, but now has trouble returning to that place.  

God looks at you and sees something that isn't yet, that he will see through to completion.

It's like you are driving a 2001 Honda Civic, with a trunk full of jewels. It is difficult to see the true value at first. But you, the owner know that it's more valuable than anyone could ever imagine. You take care of this car and love it more than anyone can understand. (why you wouldn't take the jewels out of the car, I dunno, the metaphor breaks down but go with it).

It is your true self,

the deep core,

the soul,

the essence,

the life,

the breath,

the passion,

the purpose,

and the source of all that makes you you.

He sees it and is working through all things and people and moments in your life to help you see it also and hopefully to live in the awareness of that part of you from here on.