Right Place, Right Time

There are times here and there in our lives when we feel completely in the right place at the right time. These are moments like when I leaned over the wall at the Jays game and bare-handed a foul ball on with my dad on his birthday. Or when my son was born before the midwife got to the house (he was quick, not her fault :); we were living in my in-laws basement and it just so happens that my mother-in-law is a nurse and was there to catch the baby! Or, it could be a culminating moment, where all the hard work and effort you've put in comes to a precipice and you know THIS is where you're meant to be. 

At the end of October, some of the LAUNCH team members spent two days at a Catholic Renewal Centre (a fascinating experience in itself) so we could REFINE and CREATE our Workshops. For myself, after 6 months of support-raising and learning a new organization and meeting new people and dabbling in speaking on behalf of LAUNCH, this was the moment I knew I am exactly where I am meant to be. 

Workshops are opportunities in which we facilitate a conversation with a group of young people together in a room, from 10-100 people, these are amazing opportunities to inspire young leaders to impact their world. And, this is why I was brought on the team, I love youth ministry and I love speaking to groups. I am a "Leadership Facilitator" (that's what it says on my business card anyway). Yet, I have been wondering, what am I going to be facilitating, exactly?!

Now I know. 

We began the day breaking down the existing workshops and throwing away any that we didn't feel fit into the vision going forward.

Starting with about 12 topics that had been developed and delivered to a variety of groups of the past 8 years, we held them up against our vision statement which states, 

LAUNCH - a program of Youth Unlimited (Toronto YFC) - comes alongside young Christians, inspiring them to walk long-term in their God-given potential by equipping them to grow spiritually, in character and in leadership.


From this, we know that each workshop needs to INSPIRE and EQUIP. Those are the measurable outcomes. "Did this inspire you? Did this equip you?"

We want to do this through three streams of workshops aimed at Leadership, Spiritual, and Character growth.  And we're going to have 4-5 workshops available for each. Awesome. 

So, after moving over some of the existing workshops that made it through this filter, we came up with new topics we deemed important - with help from our research work.

And here (drum roll, please) are the workshops we're moving ahead with; 

*Titles pending*



Leading Like Jesus   |   Inspiring Change   |   Why Bother Growing?   |   Learning From Failure   | How to Have Spiritual Conversations with Your Friends


Hearing God   |   Spiritual Gifts   |   Nurturing Your Soul   |  Rooted Identity


Courageous Decision Making   |   Team Work   |   Pain to Purpose   |   What Are You Known For? 

I don't know about you, but with each one of these workshops I picture different people that need to be a part of this conversation! 

But here comes the fun part - my job now is to go and CREATE! I just get to rework old content and create new content for all 13 of these workshops...Oh, glory!  Creating content for the purpose of magnified impact, let's dance. 


If you are interested in having LAUNCH come and speak with your group, visit 321launch.ca or email me at astreet@yugta.ca for more info.