My mom, and bringing magic to the world

The following is pulled from my speech as the Master of Ceremonies at my mother's memorial service in May, 2012.  

*A Memorial service with laughter, weeping, celebration of talent and friendship, and a straight-up party afterwards for hours.  She would've loved it.  xoxo*

"Pirates, fairies, children flying, a ticking crocodile, a boy that never grew up, and all of this in a place called Neverland.  See, the most amazing thing about the story of Peter Pan was not the fact that any of these unlikely things co-existed, but that the audience simply didn't care about reality because they were being invited deep into the imagination of author J.M Barry, which led them to look deeper into their own imagination and enjoy the impossible.  

That's what the stage, or the theatre is all about.  That's what my mother was so exceptional at. 

I believe she realized very early on what her part to play in this life was-that of an entertainer, one who imagined, created, and somehow consistently made the impossible possible. 

Which, to us, was magical.  

She had talent to spare and she did the most she possibly could with that, she gave of herself to those around her.  She gave everything to her closest family members making each milestone in life not just a party, but an event.  She gave herself to her audiences in this theatre constantly, through sickness, back pain, and all the distractions of reality she gave herself to help you and I expand our own imagination and believe the impossible. She had many talents and she did not hide them, bury them, keep them for herself.  She gave, invested, and constantly created.  

And it was all for the joy of the audience.  She would create, perform, set the event in motion, then simply watch and enjoy - as she told me in her last days, the thing she loved most about her life - the gift of being able to entertain people."  

I pray that you, too, realize what your part to play in this life is.  The sooner, the better.  Then you can get to work doing what you were positively made to do.