Is There Movement?

Are you wondering if you're doing what you're made for?

Your answer to this question will help clarify:

Is there movement in your life? 

"No" - I feel stuck. I do the same thing every day and I don't really know why. I mean, sure each day looks a little different and any given weekend I might hang out with different people or go on some kind of adventure; but, it all feels the same, none of it is moving me towards anything new. Everyone else seems to be trying new things, taking leaps of faith, moving away, moving out, moving on, but not me. I'm still here, and even if I were to move I don't know where I would go, so why bother talking about it?

"Yes!" - I know tomorrow I'll wake up in the same home with the same people around me, and I'll go into the same rhythm of work; but it all feels like it's different than yesterday. My relationships are changing, we talk about things that matter, we have exciting conversations, we meet new people and go to new places together. When I look at what other people are doing I find myself cheering them on or being inspired by them to step into my plans for growth. I know what it's like to be stuck, so now when I have an idea I move on it. I'm changing each day in some small way. 

If there is no movement, you will feel stuck, stagnant, unimpressed and uninterested in the world around you. This simply is not where we as human beings are supposed to live our lives. 

If there is movement, you won't necessarily have a skip in your step but you live with an energy and awareness that today doesn't have to be like yesterday. This kind of attitude leads to creative new opportunities for work, relationships, and experiences. This is what we're made for, a life of movement. 

So, how can you begin to create movement in your life? 

- Try a screen-free day, see where you end up, and what you end up doing. 

- Track your thoughts/experiences over the month, (a fancy way to say 'journal') so you can actually see movement where you thought there wasn't movement before

- Invite friends over to your home for a meal this week. Though the prep for this may stress you out, they will leave you with new thoughts and ideas to move ahead with. 

It's not difficult, trust me. Movement is a major difference-maker that merely requires saying yes to the right things and no to the wrong things. 

Get moving.