It All Matters

Youth Unlimited GTA is an incredibly diverse organization. 

We have over 60 passionate staff with an additional 750 committed volunteers. We serve about 3000 young people who are involved in one of our 35 programs. Our work is focused on community youth across the GTA ages 10-25.
Globally, YFC International has 4500 paid staff with another 30,000 volunteers. Together we serve in over 100 nations of the world working with some 10 million young people.


Sometimes, I can feel like my work with LAUNCH doesn't fit in with the rest of the programs.

Let me explain:

My friend Bianca, for instance, is working with teens living on the streets of Toronto and helping restore their lives relationally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Light Patrol is doing amazing stuff in the darkest places each week. 

My friend Ben is in the head office overseeing all communication through the organization and making sure all these programs are on point and clear about their purpose for people who want to get involved as a participant, volunteer, staff, or supporter. 

Another friend, Marianne is empowering young girls each year as she leads an incredible conference, and connects with parents helping them understand the difficulties of youth culture today. 

And, my friend Jesse is working with young people to help change the community of Willowdale, many of which are living far below the poverty line. 

Among these heroes (and many others working tirelessly to see transformed youth transform our city) I can find myself feeling like designing a leadership workshop just doesn't fit in. 

And yet, there are many people that are part of my tribe, supporting the work I'm doing here because they know the powerful truth that I'm being reminded of: the work we do through LAUNCH is inspiring young people around this community to impact their world in a way only they are created for.

Just like Jesse, Marianne, Ben, and Bianca, these young leaders I interact with through workshop experiences may find a spark lit within them and move forward to shape the world in a way I never could. 

To inspire someone or to be inspired by someone to action is one of the most powerful movements of the human condition. Thank you for continuing to inspire me to inspire others, who will surely inspire others. 

Thankfully, it all matters in this work with Youth, we all have a role to play. I wonder what yours is?