... in the whisper

1 Kings 19 records a story of Elijah running away from people trying to kill him.  
Eventually, he cries out to God that he would rather just die than continue on this crazy journey.  

Wanting to quit is normal when you're doing something important. 

I feel like Elijah often; I want to just throw up my hands, say good-bye, close the computer, and stay home to play with my kids indefinitely.  If I really could have my way, I'd pull them out of school too, quit on that for them.  I'd quit trying to keep up relationships with people I don't naturally want to hang out with.  I would quit doing basically anything if I felt slightly uncommitted to it, even if just for the moment.   

Quitting would be so easy.

Do you feel like quitting that thing you're working on?  Or that place you work in? You've been in it for years, or maybe just weeks, but it's starting to lose the excitement it once had. It's hard, and hard isn't fun.  

Maybe you are:

writing a book, or an assignment, or a blog post (this one has taken months to write)...

cleaning, decluttering, minimizing, making space

starting a new business

finishing school

pregnant, waiting for the baby to pop out

training for a marathon

saving for a vacation

taking care of a sick or lonely family member

don't give up now.


It was in this moment of quitting that God spoke to Elijah, giving him something tangible (food) and telling him to eat it. 

Let's face it, Elijah was hangry!  (ya know, hungry/angry)

God gave him some soup and Elijah continued on his journey.  Then, when Elijah needs encouragement again, at the moment when we would expect God to shout out to him, to show Himself in glory, in some majestic way to this prophet, He decides to show up in a whisper

With those we care about though, we don't have time to whisper.  
When they are in trouble, when they want to quit on what we know is important, we shout, yell, scream, approach, meet, text, text in caps lock, and try to give our time to them!  We want them to know what we think, specifically what we think about them and how important they are/this thing they are doing is; However, God in His wisdom, whispers. 

In all the moments I have felt like quitting, I usually haven't.  I mean, last summer I resigned (which is fancy for quit) my role as Youth Pastor as a local church, but I assure you that wasn't out of an 'Elijah attitude' of frustration and despair. Read about why I left here. 

Each day I wake up to make lunch for my kids, who do still go to school, I'm still married to my wife of almost 11 years, I have made an effort to understand prayer lately even though I want to just give up on it, I keep opening my journal, I keep reading and underlining my Bible, I keep writing blogs, and creating new things, trying to build a ministry - or business, or whatever this is, I keep connecting with people for coffee and sending encouraging messages, I put my kids to bed each night with stories and songs even though I'm exhausted, and most nights I try to actually talk with my beloved to find out what's going on in her mind...

What if God is constantly whispering to me to keep going?  He is cheering me on ever so slightly along the way in those things that matter most.

"You can do it."
"Stay strong today"
"Your voice is important, use it today."

What if this is the role we are also supposed to play in the lives of others?  

A soft, but confident whisper.  

"You can do it."
"Stay strong today"
"Your voice is important, use it today."
"You are loved."
"We love you."
"You are changing the world."
"Don't ever give up."

A slight, but constant whisper.  

When there are hundreds of messages being shown to us and our kids each day whether we like it or not,

the still small voice will always win. 

To those in your Tribe, speak truth to them & encourage them. There is no need to be outrageous or radical about how you do it.  Simply be there, and be a constant voice when they feel like quitting, and even when they don't.