What is God's Dream?

Are you a parent?

You know those moments when you just stand over the crib staring at your sleeping child and an entire future flashes through your mind for them, when all you can think of is the potential they have to become something amazing and do something to change the world?  I believe God is like that parent. 

Are you an artist?

You know when you look at a 'blank canvas' (however that may apply to your form of art) and you are so frustrated because you know that it can become something, you know the thing is in there you just want to help it come to life?  I believe God is like that artist.

Are you a pastor?

You know when you listen to people tell you about their lives and all you want is for them to realize the best about themselves, you keep hearing them talk about the darkness and you know that everything would change if they just embrace the light?  I believe God is like that pastor. 

God's greatest hope and dream is for each one of us to realize and embrace our own potential and make it a reality now.

Revelation 21:5 paints an image of Jesus looking over all of creation and saying, "I am making all things new!"

Like a father standing at the edge of the crib watching his newborn sleep peacefully, like an artist looking at the canvas in anticipation, and like a pastor looking at these people with desperation, God has a rich dream for each of His children. This is not the end, the best is yet to come.