Excited About My Future

When I was speaking at an High School Event not long ago, one of the students got up at the end and in front of the room said, "My name is Shane, and I want to say thanks! Your talk today got me excited about my future."


WHAT!?  Pardon me?  I did what now?  My words affected you how? 

You, young teenage boy, wondering what your purpose is in this world and comparing yourself to everyone you see, thinking you're not as smart or talented or attractive, or that you are the only person on the planet that won't find that 'thing' you're made for.

You, young teenage boy who has new dreams and passions every day, and more potential than a box of fireworks to light up this world, and an insatiable desire to have a significant impact on this world.

You, teenager that has been largely underestimated in your life. 

You are now excited about your future. Because of this 30 minute talk. 

Thank you, God.

That you choose to use the weak (me) to lead the strong (others). 

That you develop ideas in my head that are not meant to be kept locked up but to be shared so they may impact others. 

That you put me in situations with rooms full of firecrackers, and your words are like a fire shut up in my bones (Jeremiah 20), I cannot keep them in and as they come out they seem to light the spark that has potential to set a community ablaze with passion and excitement to change the way things are. 

If I could shake hands with Shane again I would say, "thank you, because your words made me excited about MY future."


I wonder who has said something that inspired you to be excited about your future? Who lit the spark in your life at just the right time? Let them know, if you haven't. Tell them, it could make all the difference. 


The above opportunity was through an experience as a LAUNCH Workshop Facilitator. For more information about my work with LAUNCH, click here

LAUNCH comes alongside young Christians, inspiring them to walk long-term in their God-given potential by equipping them to grow spiritually, in character and in leadership.