Chasing Geese

I heard them squawking from far in the distance, then looked up to see two Canada Geese flapping across the sky at dusk. They might have been a couple, but if I didn't know better I'd say one was chasing the other. 

They were floating in a nearby pond, having a lazy evening when the one goose said, "look at that, a dolphin in the pond," and pointed down to the water with his beak. When the other goose fell for the fake out and looked closer, the trickster lifted out of the water and stood right on top of the other, submerging her in the mucky pond-water. Then he flapped his hardest to get a head start! As they flew across the sky just above the trees, one was yelling, "get back here, you jerk!" And the other was laughing so hard he could hardly stay in the air. Their going to lay their eggs soon. Those ducklings have a silly daddy.