Calling = Direction

Your calling is all about direction. 

I'm learning that the more we focus on one very specific option being our calling in life, the more difficult it will be to find that option. You will get frustrated, likely be searching for it until you die feeling like you may have missed your calling. 

What if we began to think of calling as something we can take steps towards? A friend, calling out, enticing you to come towards them. 

Picture yourself blindfolded in the middle of a soccer pitch.

You are there with a friend you trust, and you give her 60 seconds to go and stand somewhere on the pitch. Then, she yells your name.

The sound comes from behind you, you turn around and listen again as she calls out. You turn a little to the right and begin walking forward. After twelve steps she calls again and you adjust, angling slightly to the left while continuing to move closer. Suddenly, she says your name again but she's not yelling, she is within 10 feet and one small turn to the right.

You've found her. 

This might just be how your calling works

You are here. 

Something stirs within you calling you somewhere else. 

Only, you're not sure where or to what.

You ask some friends, they clarify. You get a career coach, he directs. You apply for a job or two, they filter for you. And just like that, you took steps towards figuring out that you were being called from shift work at Starbucks towards being a public school Librarian this whole time.

Most of us don't move towards a calling because we are afraid of making a mistake along the way.  

You believe if you take a shot at your calling but go slightly to the left you might end up going to school to be an engineer instead of a hairdresser. So you don't move at all. But if calling is about direction, if calling is about something you're being drawn to, then pursuing your calling isn't something you get one shot at but it's a lifestyle of listening, learning, and moving.

I bet you could get a pretty good grasp on which way you should be moving, today. 

Draw a basic compass, like this: 

Then, in the four quadrants, write out four possible options for what you could do for the next 10 years. (Teacher, Coach, Actor, Insurance Broker, Store Manager, Farmer, Father, Social Worker, etc.)

Now, draw a circle in the middle - that's you.

Close your eyes, and imagine your name being called.

Which direction to you first turn? 

Start there. Start moving.