You can't spell Adventure without 'Advent' - Peace

Our family loves to drive on vacation.  We have now gone down to Florida a couple of times, and South Carolina most recently; with the car packed to the roof, toys everywhere, and a veritable snack buffet - we drive! 

On our last trip, we had just stopped for dinner at the Cracker Barrel (where I always feel like the servers are a liiiiiiittle too friendly) did a bathroom stop on the way out and we were on the Interstate again. I had settled into my butt-groove in my seat, Karen had her shoes off, and the kids were tucked in with blankets and pillows (an impressive task in its own right); then the littlest one said quietly, "I hap to do pee." Which apparently reminded the bladders of the other two that they also had a minuscule amount of liquid in their system they wanted to get out. There was a chorus of soon-to-be-wet-panted-children singing, "I need to go peeeeee!"  --  I was ticked. I didn't want to stop.  It would add 10 minutes onto our journey.  10 MINUTES!  I had chosen to be fun and generous with time in the restaurant, but not now, not on the road, this was about getting somewhere now.  So after failing to convince their little bodies that they didn't actually have to pee and could wait until the next gas-stop, we stopped.  We got out of the car and then saw something like this.

Typically, we try to make these 18-24 hour drives in as little time as possible, some families may stretch the drive out over a few nights, we (mostly I) would rather just drive straight through and get THERE.  This raises the tension in my mind, and thus in the car.  I trade my peace for productivity, forgetting that the place I am in each moment is the place I need to be. 

I guess there's two ways to live an adventurous life: You can do wild and risky things like sky diving, shark diving, and cave diving OR you can choose to approach each 'regular' day with the wonder and excitement it deserves. #thisisouradventure


Have you ever been in a season of waiting in your life?  A season of 'advent'?  Something significant happened and now you're waiting for the next thing?

You graduated school, you got engaged, you are pregnant, you quit your job (or lost your job), you booked a vacation, you got concert tickets, you wrote an important exam, you put the turkey in the oven (or deep fryer), you are sitting through 10 minutes of ads before the previews before Star Wars Episode VII (!!)...

We tend to think of the end of these waiting periods as when the adventure begins.  Yet, we get to that point and realize there's still more.   

This raises the tension during the waiting period and instead of seeing this time as part of the adventure it becomes a sort of enemy to the adventure.  We trade peace for productivity - "I could be doing something else with this time."  When Jesus claimed that he came to "give peace, not as this world gives peace," surely he wasn't talking about road-trips.  And yet, he was. 

Through Jesus, PEACE became more than an idea.  

He was talking about this MIND of peace that we only get when we accept that there is something bigger going on and we don't need to wait for the end to experience the abundant life promised now.

He was talking about very real peace between people, every BODY.  Your marriage doesn't need arguments to be strong, you don't have to respond with a long rant on a Facebook comment, you don't need to stir the pot, you don't need to fight, you don't need to be bigger and stronger and have better weapons; in fact, what Jesus showed us through the cross is that there is an entirely different way to overthrow an Empire than trying to fight them - it is the way of peace.  

He was talking about peace that gives clarity of thought when it seems like a storm should be raging inside your SOUL.  We felt this when my mom died, a very real 'peace that passes understanding'. Now, because I experienced it then, this is exactly what I pray for those going through similar situations, so they may be able to fully see and experience everything that is happening around them.  

We are waiting for something, we are going somewhere, and I am excited to get there.  But on this adventure I choose peace.  I choose to peace of Mind, Body, and Soul.  Because thankfully, it's not about me anyway.