6 Things I am Working On

Today I turn 32 years old.  

So, here's 6 things I'm working on-not because 6 is a significant number, just because these are the things;

1) School - I'm now done my first semester of full-time Masters studies, and wow, it was tough. From Philippians and Isaiah to Constantine and Nero and the Apostles to the Post Christian Culture around me to reflecting on the way I counsel others; Friends, learning is so very good and stretching my brain in new ways, but like a new physical exercise program, it is tiring and makes my body (brain) sore and ouchy.  

*It has also helped clarify some of the big questions I have had with the Church and theology over the last few years, so that's fun*

2) Speaking 'gigs' - This Fall I have been able to jump into a few other Youth Ministries and tell stories about Jesus.  I love connecting with an audience, I love the challenge of opening their eyes, their souls, and giving a goal to reach tomorrow. I love creating memorable moments and telling these life-giving stories in new ways.  Bring it on.   

3) Living a Faith-Filled Adventure - Slowing down, living where I am, being present, and stepping into as much of an adventure as possible.  Anything that is out of the ordinary, anything that stretches us, anything that makes us uncomfortable, vulnerable, and requires us to be brave. This is what we're living in.  Sometimes this is a lot less glamorous than it advertises to be. 

4) Spending less, Giving more - Thankfully, these speaking opportunities have brought a wee bit of cash into our lives - just enough to cover gas and food each week actually…like JUST enough. Hence, we are in a spending freeze (as my beloved explains, here).  The major difference, I find that I am really valuing the time I have with people face to face more than ever.    

5) Writing - I want to write, as a step of obedience to using my 'voice'.  That's what this blog is, a place to practice.  If someone reads this, great, if not, what a waste of $96!  (I mean really, if NOBODY read it, that's pretty sad).  I also have this nagging pull to write a book, but Resistance has a pretty good hold on me there. 

6) A Podcast - Now, this is one of those 'top secret - in the works' type of things...and the fear of even putting it out here is that since it hasn't happened yet, there is of course the possibility it won't happen.  If you are interested at all in Youth Work, in the future of the Church, and searching for Good News in this world, then you'll love what we're working on. Stay tuned!

You have ideas, dreams, passions, and plans.  

Do the world a favor and start working on them.