5 Things I'm Working On

It's early Thursday morning, I went to bed too late last night (I actually fell asleep while watching Survivor, DURING TRIBAL COUNCIL!! I must've been really tired), but the kids are awake and playing upstairs with grandparents, I've got my coffee beside me, and a blinking line in front of me waiting to be pushed further down the page. The last two assignments of my second semester have been sent to my professors so now I have a window of about six weeks in which I can really hustle to move ahead on a bunch of things I've been dreaming about. Here are

5 Things I'm Working on:

Family Adventures, A New Job, Speaking Opportunities, Podcast, School


1. Family Adventures

We thought we would go on some big adventures during this time of rest in our lives as a family, instead we have grown to become aware of the adventure in each day. It took until about December to truly shift into a different rhythm for us, that was a much needed time of rest and refreshment for the five of us. 

We have been a part of a 'home church' on Sunday afternoons that has been great for us. We talk, eat, laugh, and meet around the Eucharist. This has been a life-giving community for all of us. 

We spend our evenings together as a family, extend bedtime with the kids, and dream often about traveling the world while still enjoying what's going on right here. We have been minimizing our spending habits and decluttering our home which is altogether helping us appreciate each little bit more and more. While we're trying to figure out this parenting thing anew each day, laughter still reigns in the Street home. 

2. A New Job!

YES! After nine months of unemployment I officially signed the papers last week to join the incredible team at YOUTH UNLIMITED GTA (Toronto YFC), specifically I'll be part of LAUNCH as a 'Leadership Facilitator' which basically means I get to work with an amazing team that works on new and exciting ways to inspire teens and young adults to develop their dreams and change the world. 

I get to help create and give talks at youth ministries, conferences, and anywhere else that will take me, with the purpose of INSPIRING YOUTH. I'm telling you, this is a good fit. Like Peanut Butter and Jelly, Spongebob and Patrick, Trump and Politics...oh, wait, not that one. 

As part of this non-profit organization I will have to raise my own support to cover my salary, and that's a whole new world to me. But I'm even excited about the challenge that will be and the chance to think of fun, new ways to do that.  

Karen and I are excited about moving into something new, while still hopefully allowing space to see where the 'Alex Street' stuff can get to. 

Also, I can't help but laugh at the timing of it all. From last April when we were talking about leaving Springvale we kind of assumed that another opportunity would come in April 2016, after a year of school and developing a new rhythm.

And here. it. is. 

3. Speaking Opportunities

So far, in 2016 I have had two speaking gigs. But, between April 30 and September 3rd I'll have ten! I'm starting to plan ahead and prepare the talks for these retreats and camps over the summer and it's just so FUN. There's colour-coded 3x5 cards all over my office, which is a sign that the creative flow is a-flowing! 

If you want to see when and where I'm speaking, along with the topics I'm working on, head on over to my "Summer Schedule" post in the Speaker's Journey section of the blog here

4. Podcast

Back in December I said I was working on this as part of 6 Things I'm Working On. Of all the things on that list, the possibility of a podcast received the most feedback. At that point it was going to be a whole different thing than it is now. I'm glad I took the time to refine the idea and learn how to do it right (well).

Every other week I'll be releasing a conversation with somebody doing or discovering what they're made for. While releasing an episode in-between those weeks with just me talking about something inspired from the last interview. Listen to the latest episode below. 

Or find it on iTunes here

So far, the interviews I've recorded have inspired me so much! I've only posted 2 of them as we're five weeks in, but the episodes on deck are going to knock your socks off (literally! You better buy a garter to hold up your socks because they are going to fly right out the window).

I need to tell you, this is one of the most fun things I've done in years. I hope you love it. 

5. School

Well, I handed in my last two assignments last week, but I start up again with an online course in May and then a week-long intensive in June. At the pace of two classes each term from now on, I'll be all done in December 2017. So, that's pretty neat. Then I'll have my Masters in Theological Studies. I'll be a Master of Theology. I'll be a Master.  

In January 2018, you will be required by law to call me Master Street. 

You might as well just start now. 


This is a bunch of stuff I've been thinking about, talking about, and working on for months and months.

Sometimes, all it takes is a moment to look back at where you were 6 months ago to realize the amazing amount of progress you've made on your goals. The seed needs to be buried first, and when it's ready, it'll pop out of the ground and show signs of life.