In the image...

There are so many conversations throughout evangelical church (and beyond) about what constitutes as 'worship'.

You've heard it said, "first we'll have the offering, then worship, then a sermon..."  Or, "I like contemporary worship."  

*side note; whenever I hear that word I think of 'adult contemporary radio hits'*

As the story goes, one of God's first movements was to create, to make something new where there was nothing.  He forms, he chips away, he molds and makes and sustains, and as the penultimate act he makes mankind.  Out of the chaos he creates order (more on that another day) and we understand that everything began with mankind being made in his image.  

In the image of the creator.  

And we wonder what we're supposed to do with our lives?

Worship, then, is when we give worth to the one whom we represent as image-bearers.  We are creative beings, created to create.  If you want to worship God, don't wait until 10am on Sunday, go now and create something new.  Much of my life is spent appreciating acts of worship other humans have made, like this, and this, and even this.  At some point these things did not exist in this world, isn't that fascinating?!

God gave you and me the ability and the permission to create new things. 

One thing I truly appreciate about '10am on a Sunday morning' is the beauty of hundreds of people in a room creating something (music, typically) together with a community.

Today though, you can worship the living God by looking for an opportunity to make something new (a relationship, some art, a story, a meal, clothes, a quilt, a table...) and create, in his image. 

...and it was good.