I've Never Seen That Before - Part 2 - We need You!

Our family went to Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago.  The pool and the beach are fun, but I wanted something new, I wanted to create a unique memory for our kids. So I took some of their toys and hid them around the resort. (If the story ended there, what would you think of me?) With each toy there was a clue to find the next one.  After lunch I drew their attention to the Syndrome action figure perched on the thermostat with a note threatening to destroy the Incredibles if we didn't find them soon! (BWA HA HA HA!)


I hid Mr.Incredible inside the arcade room and asked for the resort staff there to watch over him (Which I think is pretty funny)...so when we got back there with the kids and we were looking for him the staff member asked me, "Where do you come up with this? This is so fun!"  I told her I didn't have time to explain since we were busy saving the world.  But,   

As the joy and wonder was visible on her face, I'm sure what she was actually saying to me was,          "I've never seen this before."  

We are itching to find the new thing, to be surprised by something we have never seen.

Can you give it for us?

Write a song, a poem, or a book.

Sew a quilt, a dress, or crochet some mittens.

Play a game, tell a joke, captivate us with a story.

Design a flyer, make something delicious, plan a party.

Buy someone's meal, park farthest away, pick up garbage on the sidewalk, respond to the question "how are you" with something other than "Good, you?".

We want to be surprised every day, we want to say "I've never seen that before".

It's up to you to surprise us.

It's up to us to have our eyes open.