In my role with LAUNCH - as a Leadership Facilitator -

I get to do what I believe I'm made for.

The vision of Youth Unlimited is simple:

Transformed Youth

Transforming Our City


LAUNCH is a leadership development program that comes alongside young Christians; through 1-on-1 Coaching, Group Workshops, Online Assessment Tools, and an Accredited High School Leadership Course we empower young leaders to impact their world.

At 17 years old I was given the opportunity to speak for the first time to a group of young teens about Jesus; I was given a chance that sparked a fire and passion for speaking that cannot be quenched. Now, with LAUNCH I will be speaking with different groups and individuals to help light that same type of spark within them!   

"When we receive we should be grateful, but when we give we are now expressing that gratitude in tangible, practical ways. Together we can do more than we ever could alone"  - Erwin McManus

As a missionary with Youth Unlimited, I get the chance to partner with generous people to raise my salary. I would love to have your support as I work with LAUNCH and the ministry of Youth Unlimited. 

Why I'm excited to be part of the LAUNCH team

When I was a Youth Pastor we had LAUNCH visit one of our Tribes to lead a workshop entitled "Inspiring Change". During their time together the group narrowed down to one cause they could all rally around to begin to change in this world. Something sparked in the students and leaders that night, they became passionate about abolishing Sex Trafficking in their lifetime! This month, some of them are involved in producing an event called #shesnotforsale, to bring awareness and support for the cause!

One conversation can start a movement. 

You can find more about the event here

I have a friend, Jared. When he was in high school he had an idea to start a clothing company with high quality skate apparel, but also wanted to fight poverty around the world somehow. He was soon connected with a LAUNCH Coach, and PocketChange Apparel was born. 

All it takes is someone that believes in your dream, too.

You can find Jared's story, along with other stories of teenagers developing their dreams through LAUNCH at

This last year, LAUNCH was able to impact the lives of a huge amount of teens as we delivered 53 workshops to different groups, partnered 21 young leaders with a Coach, and had 9 of them engage in our high school leadership course! We also had 48 young leaders use our online assessment and create action plans to develop in their goals.  

This is a significant ministry that is giving teens and young adults the tools they need to discover and do what they're made for.

During the next year we hope to increase the number of Workshops to 60+ (my main role), see 12 students go through the Leadership Course, and partner even more young leaders with personal Coaches.

I am most excited to be a Coach for a Young Leader, helping them develop their dream into something real going forward.