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I’ve always been captivated by great storytelling.

As the son of a world renowned photographer and an actress who risked it all to pursue their dreams, I not only have the skill of storytelling running through my veins but my family has been living a great story all along. 

Like my parents, at 17 years old someone gave me a chance to do what I'm made for. It was my first time speaking in front of a crowd and I’ve been doing it ever since, mostly as a youth worker, inspiring others to tell their story well.

I've had the privilege to speak to thousands of people of all ages about confidence, purpose, leadership, youth culture, and public speaking. While working as a Coach for teens and Millennials for almost two decades, I'm always hopeful and never surprised when I get to see a life transformed because someone chooses to tell a better story. 

I'm learning the necessity to be authentic in who you are and what you say, so I make sure to begin there in my writing, speaking, and coaching as I help you tell a better story. 



When I’m not working on these, I am with my wife and 3 kids (occasionally we visit cousin Mickey) seeking everyday adventures and learning to live our own great story.


After years of telling my own stories,

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