Are you doing what you are made for?  

Your answer to that question likely goes straight to your job - that thing you do each day to earn money - but it doesn’t need to stop there. You might be incredibly gifted as an insurance broker, but you are made for much more than your 9-5.

You are made to impact a community of people by sharing what you have.  

So, are you doing what you’re made for?  

Through my journey, I dreamed of being a famous actor on stage & film, then took a left turn and became a Youth Pastor for 11 years, now I’m speaking (like acting) and coaching people (like pastoring) because these are the things I can’t not do.  

I’m made to inspire others to discover and do what they’re made for.  

I wonder what you’re made for. 

Welcome to my site, read below to find out a little more about me.

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About Alex

I get the great joy of living with 4 people that make me come alive - My bride and our three littles: our story-teller, our builder, and our joy-giver.  

I just completed my Masters of Theological Studies at Tyndale Seminary, so, I guess that means I'm now "Master Alex"?!

I'm deathly allergic to almost all delicious foods on earth, except for meat, fruit, and, just the milky, eggy, fishy and nutty foods, I guess.

I have driven a zamboni, got a hole-in-one on a real golf course, met Jackie Chan, and cry during nearly every Disney movie, or show, or commercial.

And, despite popular rhetoric stating otherwise, I have factual evidence that the two greatest movies of all time are Home Alone and Ghostbusters.


My time as a Youth Pastor isn't enough to call me an expert, but with my friend and visionary genius we had a lot of fun journeying with teens while discovering their faith. Now, we're both working with Youth Unlimited GTA seeing transformed youth transform their cities.

While working in the local church, we changed things up a bit and shifted a highly 'successful' program from the church into the neighbourhood.  We called this missional youth ministry, "Tribes"

Youth Workers...

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